Northwest Endless Summer 2021 (formerly BARE-IT)

We're trying something a little different this year, as we continue struggling through Pandemics and burn bans. We'll still have plenty of things to do, and activities for the whole family. More details will come as we get a bit closer to the event. Members, guests, and visitors are welcome to attend. Regular day and camping fees apply. (Events, times and locations are subject to change, so check the kiosk at the lodge for any updates.)

9/4/2021 “Chased by a Bare” Nude Trail Run - Noon at the Beach

Saturday, Sept 4

“Chased by a Bare” Nude Trail Run - Noon at the Beach


9/4/2021- Northwest Endless Summer Theme Potluck

Here’s links for recipe ideas:


9/4/2021 - Laugh-In Theme Dance

Well, ‘Sock it to me!’ Our dance hosts will decorate Blakely’s Dance Hall to set the mood. ‘You bet your sweet bippy ‘ DJ Gregg will take your song requests. ‘and that’s the truth.’ We’re looking forward to seeing who arrives as Rowen or Martin or any of the hilarious characters from the wildly popular 1970’s show Laugh-in.

Never heard of Laugh-In? Check it out on YouTube.


9/5/2021 - A Season(ed) End Street Party

A Season(ed) End Dinner and Street Party – 5:00 PM at the International District