French Bistro Style Theme Potluck

Here's some links for recipe ideas:


Rocky Lane Picture Show

A return engagement, the Rocky Lane Picture Show, 11 years running! The main feature has been secretly selected by the folks on Rocky Lane and they tell us it’s bound to be bad like always. Come around dusk and be prepared to have a good time. There’ll be candy, popcorn and drinks. It’s all under the stars so bring a blanket to wrap up in.


BARE IT 2018

Throughout this weekend you are likely to encounter numerous creative, friendly people doing creative, interesting things like swimming, boating, dancing, performing, art-making, hiking, playing games, tennis, badminton, pickleball, horseshoes, disc golf, and all-around fun-having. There will be great activities for the kids as well! 

It's Magic! Dance Theme

In keeping with the weekend theme, "Blakely Potter and the Lake of Fire," Lake Bronson presents: It's Magic! Our hosts will set the scene and our live DJ will play the songs you'll want to dance to.