Soups & Sides Dinner Potluck

6:30 PM. It’s become a tradition to celebrate the New Year with a Soup and Sides potluck. The soups are lovingly prepared by each member of the social team. The side dishes are up to you.


Nude Years Eve Dance

8:30 PM. Wear your finest Sequins and Bowties. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you wear, just be as festive as you desire.

Polar Bare Plunge and a nice warm meal

Noon - 2. The Polar Bare Dip and Deli style lunch. You’ve got to do this at least once!


Theme Potluck

Theme coming soon.


Theme Dance

You won't want to miss the first dance of the new year. Our dance hosts will decorate Blakely’s Dance Hall to set the mood and DJGregg will provide the music you’ll want to dance to.