Enjoy the Freedom of Being Nude in Paradise

Visit the Northwest’s largest year-round, clothing-free recreational park and campground.  Lake Bronson Club Family Nudist Park is just one hour from Seattle, but feels worlds away from city life.  Located in a 320 acre Stewardship Forest, the recreational park offers a seven-acre spring fed lake with sunning lawn, an 85-foot waterfall cascading into the Sultan River, and miles of hiking trails. Enjoy the rustic lodge, hot tub, or sauna.

Lake Bronson is a family-oriented nudist club catering specifically to those who love nature and the great outdoors...

B.A.R.E. IT 2016, Labor Day Weekend, Sept 2-5

Sep 2-5 BARE IT Weekend

EVENT THEME: Outer Space!!
Plan for your Saturday dance costume and golf cart or bike décor

Price: Regular day and camping fees apply

Throughout this weekend you are likely to encounter numerous creative, friendly people doing creative, interesting things like Swimming, Boating, Dancing, Performing, Art-making, Hiking, Playing Games, Tennis, Badminton, Pickle-ball, Horseshoes, and all-around fun-having. There will be great activities for the community kiddies as well!

New to Nudism? So was I.

As a fairly social person, I enjoy meeting new people and it's always interesting hearing how someone came to be at a place like Lake Bronson. The stories run the gamut, from "I grew up at places like this," to "My [partner / spouse] convinced me to come," to "I was just looking for a nice lake to camp at and found that the nicest one was clothing-free." The common theme in all of them is how comfortable people feel here, much to many's surprise.

Water too warm? Try our waterfall!

The unusually warm weather has resulted in our lake falling more into the “tepid bathwater” category than the “Little Bering Sea” we so know and love. If you are the sort who disdains leisurely floating about, whiling away a calm summer’s day, we do have a waterfall! Not only is the hike nearly a quarter mile of treacherous switchbacks straight down to the Sultan River, the water that awaits is rarely above 50°.

Yoga on the Dock

You may have heard that there are Yoga sessions every Sunday morning at 0930 on the dock. I would like to invite you to come out and discover “Yoga” for yourself.

Yoga brings the mind and body together in a system of techniques and exercises that aid in enriching your everyday living activities.


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