Lake Bronson Rate Schedule -- all fees are subject to sales tax, if applicable
Day Fees (Lake Bronson Member) $0
Day Fees (AANR/INF/TNS/WBPS Member) $12*
Day Fees (Active Military with ID or partner per person) $12*
Day Fees (Standard) $20*
Tenting Site $6.36
Unimproved Lot for RV $8.18
RV Park with Water & Power $13.64
RV Park Per month $300.00
Rental Rooms $40.00-$60.00 per night
*Sales tax included
Day Fees are per person per day. Kids under 18 free.
Per Night, does not include day fees

Rates are subject to change without notice. Lake Bronson reserves the right to refuse admittance to Lake Bronson Park.

Questions? For more information or to check lodging options availability, please call the office at (360) 793-0286 or email office@lakebronson.com.