If you have general questions about nudity, social nudism, legal issues around nudism, etc. please visit our Resource Page for links to national organizations.

Is nudism appropriate for families?

Absolutely! Nudism is about body acceptance and body awareness, which makes it appropriate for everyone and families with children are welcome at all Lake Bronson events. While exceptions are sometimes appropriate (after-hours at a dance comes to mind), Lake Bronson's Social Committee works hard to develop events that encourage participation from all family members.

What if I'm ready, but my spouse (partner, or friend) isn't?

This is common. Typically, women are more wary than men, but everyone, male and female, has "body issues." For some, the idea of being seen nude and seeing others nude is filled with tension. A spouse, friend or partner can help reduce the tension, but only if caution and sensitivity are exercised. Remember, every nudist had a "first time" Many who were most reluctant initially are now avid nudists.

We are new to this - do we have to take our clothes off right away?

Lake Bronson is the perfect place for people who are new to social nudism. Everyone had a "first-time," and each person gets comfortable at his or her own pace. While Lake Bronson is a clothes-free club, members dress - or not - depending on the weather and what is practical. Nudity is required, however, in the lake and to use the hot tub. People tend to overcome their concerns when they discover that, among nudists, there is every type of body, and no one stares.

What do people like about nude recreation or social nudity?

Nude recreation is the opportunity to embrace life in the most natural way, in a beautiful outdoor setting. It feels good to be naked; to have the warm sun, soft breeze, and cool water on your whole body. Without clothes, social class distinctions disappear and we are all accepted regardless of physical size, shape, or body condition. Nudists enjoy the freedom of being clothes-free in appropriate settings, and the right to choose to wear clothes for comfort and practicality.

Is there Internet access and cell phone coverage at Lake Bronson?

Some, but escaping to the lake is an opportunity to get away from all of the cares, worries, and stress of everyday life. Laptops will work at the lodge, but service can be slow.  Due to limited bandwidth, downloading programs, photos and videos are discouraged, as is playing online games.  Cell phones work depending on your carrier and location within the grounds. Cell phones are discouraged on the beach.  If you must take or make a call, please head for the parking lot.  Landlines are available at the Office Complex and the Lodge in case of emergencies.

Can we bring our dog?

Pets are the responsibility of their owners while on club grounds. Pet waste must be removed and disposed of properly. Pets are to be on a leash or under direct control of the owner at all times. No pets are allowed in club rental cabins or buildings or on the lake sunning lawn. Uncontrolled barking or other noise is not permitted.


If you're not wearing something over your bottom, please sit on your towel. If you have questions, feel free to ask any of our volunteers who checked you in, or who are on the membership committee any questions you may have about etiquette, club policies, accommodations, etc. Of course, you can ask any one of our friendly members, but you may not always get an accurate answer if they forget something!

What do I need to bring on my first visit?

  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • Towels (at least 2 - one to sit on and one for lounging at the lake or in the sauna)
  • Sun Block and Bug Spray
  • Enough food and beverages for the day
  • Sneakers (if you want to play tennis or go biking/hiking) and flip flops/sandals for at the beach and in the shower areas
  • Flashlight (if you plan on staying after dark or overnight)

What do I do if I want to visit your club? 

Either email us at office@lakebronson.com or phone our office at 360-793-0286 and we’ll be glad to arrange for a visit.

Do we have to get undressed on this first visit?

Yes, that's why you are visiting, right?  We are a nudist resort, not a clothing optional resort.  Weather permitting, we expect you and all of our members to be nude.

I’m not a criminal!  Why do you run a background check?  

For the security of all members and visitors, we run a check on everyone that comes through the gate.  We do not want visitors that might compromise the safety of our members and visitors.

Where can we get meals here? 

Our café is NOT be open to serve meals like in the past.  If you are planning to visit, we encourage you to bring your own food and beverages.  To prepare your own meals, the fully equipped Lodge kitchen is open 24-hours a day. Feel free to use our walk-in refrigerator located next to the cafe for storing food.

Why are your prices so high? 

We are priced in the same range as most west coast parks.

I don’t want to join your club.  I just want to rent space in your RV park for an extended period of time.

We are a private club and our RV park is reserved for the use of our members and visitors. 

Do you have other questions?

Please don't be afraid to either email us at office@lakebronson.com or phone our office at 360-793-0286 and we’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.