Membership Information

After your initial visit at Lake Bronson Club (LBC), you are welcome to apply for membership.

To request an interview, you should email You will be scheduled to meet with two people from our membership committee. The purpose of these interviews is to get to know each other better and for you to have a chance to ask questions about LBC.

There will be a minimum of 3 interviews, each on separate visits and at least 3 days apart. This gives you time to experience LBC.

Since LBC is a nudist club, and not clothing-optional, all interviews will be done in the nude. If it is cold, a warm location will be selected.

Everyone that will be included in your membership needs to be present during the interview, including children if possible.

Children over the age of 18 may apply for membership separately but will still need to go through the membership process. They are allowed to stay under his/her parent’s membership until age 26, as long as they live at home and are attending school.

If you are married, or a committed couple, living at the same address, you may apply and interview for a family membership, otherwise, each person will apply and interview for a single membership.

You must complete your three interviews within one year. If too much time has passed, you will need to schedule additional interviews to make sure you complete three within a year. If we request additional interviews, they can be outside of the year.

Once you have been approved for membership, you have one year from your approval notification to pay for your membership. If you have not paid, nor made arrangements by one year, you will need to repeat the interview process.

If your membership application is denied, you will not be allowed to return to LBC, even as a visitor.

If you are interested in a lot rental, after you are approved and have paid for membership, you need to speak to a Board Member about lot availability. Membership Committee does not determine who gets a lot or which lots are available.

If you are interested in becoming a Shareholder you need to speak to a Board member for more information. Membership does not determine Shareholder status.